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WE M4A1 RIS AEG (BK, WE KATANA Spring Release System)


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- Gear Box: Metal Gear Box 
- Magazine: / Rounds / 6mm BBs 
- Length: 870mm-950mm 
- Barrel Length: 363mm 
- Hop-Up: Adjustable 
- Muzzle Veiocity: 1.2J with 0.2g BBs
- Package Includes: Gun, Magazine

- Full Metal Rear Steel M4/ M16 Style Receiver Construction
- Quick Change Power Module (300/400/450 fps)
- 100% Compatible with Tokyo Marui Hop-Up & Inner Barrel Design
- Compatible with most Tokyo Marui Version 2 Gearbox Components (Incl. gear sets, Motor, etc.)
- WE Spring Release System (World Patented
- Super low power consumption design

  • Model: WE-AEG-0006-AG
  • Manufactured by: WE

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 14 January, 2013.

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