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VFC Avalon Calibur II PDW AEG ( Built-in Gate Aster ETU ) ( Black )


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- Material: Metal, Polymer
- Gearbox: VFC ECS Gearbox ( Built-in Gate Aster ETU )
- Motor: Long Type
- Hop-Up: Adjustable
- Firing Mode: Safe/ Semi-Auto/ Full-Auto
- Length: 490mm-530mm
- Magazine Capacity: 120 Rounds ( 6mm BBs )
- Battery: 11.1v Battery ( Not Included )
- Weight: 2200.00g
Whenever we test any guns, scratch can't be avoided.
Therefore, we are hoping that you may consider carefully before you purchase it!
But we can guarantee that all items are brand new.

  • Model: VFC-AEG-M4-SI-XS-BK21-AG
  • Manufactured by: VFC

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 March, 2024.

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