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APS Edge II Ambi Version 2 Complete Gearbox with FET


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- Built in Micro FET ~ APS new Edge II Gear box standard comes with Micro FET, the IC chips is imported overseas which passed our harsh test using 11.1v (45c Li Po Battery, M140 Spring, High Torque Motor). MOSFET improves overall performance of your AEG gun
- Fine tune switch ~ Increse the sensity of the swithch. Very high response of fire
- Full Steel Teeth Piston ~ Edge II Gear Box standard comes with Full Steel Teeth Piston. ~ Not to mention, Increase durability of the gear box.
- Stainless Steel Ported Cylinder ~ The interior of the cylinder is made smoothly. The opened port is optimized for both bore up / non-bore setup of your gear box.
- Aluminium Cylinder Head with Double O-Rings ~ APS boldly to use metal to make the cylinder head. Metal can stabilise the velocity, double o-ring improve sealing and overall performance of your AEG guns.
- Aftermarket Gears compatible ~ No matter you are friends of high cycle or regular Airsofters, different gears ratio could be installed in our new Edge II gear box (i.e 18:1 / 16:1 / 13:1) for your customization needs.
- Quick change spring ~ Easy change the power of gun for different scenario use .
- All internal parts are compatible with TM Spec ~ Essential for your Airsoft needs

  • Manufactured by: APS

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 23 December, 2023.

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