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AG Custom WE M14 EBR (With Marking, Long)


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- Material: Nylon Fiber/ Aluminum Alloy/ Steel
- Magazine Capacity: 20 (6mm, spare magazine spring to convert to 30 rounds)
- Length: 1020-1160mm
- Barrel Length: 540mm
- System: Gas Blowback, Semi / Full Auto, Hop-Up
- Gas Power: Green Gas, Propane Adapter, Red Gas
- Muzzle Velocity: 293fps with 0.2g BB and 134A Gas / 400fps with 0.2g and Top Gas
- Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, BB Loader
- Weight: 5300.00g

  • Manufactured by: AG

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 14 December, 2010.

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