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AG Custom WE M14 EBR Sniper GBB


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- Material: Steel/ Aluminum Alloy/ Nylon Fiber
- System: Gas Blowback
- Firing Mode: Safe/ Semi- Auto/ Full- Auto
- Length: 975mm- 1230mm
- Barrel Length: 440mm
- Magazine Capacity: 20 rds ( 6mm BBs , Spare Magazine Spring to Convert To 30 rds )
- Weight: 6500.00g
- WE M14 EBR GBB ( BK, With Marking, Short )
- Action 30x250mm Silencer (14mm +/-)
- V-Tech V8 Atlas Bipod
- VisionKing 3-9 X 44L Aiming Scope
- 25mm Mount Ring
- Inforce Weat Mounted LED Light

Whenever we test any guns, scratch can't be avoided.
Therefore, we are hoping that you may consider carefully before you purchase it!
But we can guarantee that all items are brand new.

  • Manufactured by: AG

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 18 March, 2023.

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