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Wii Tech CNC Aluminium Enhanced Loading Nozzle Chassis For KSC MP9 GBB ( System 7 )


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- Suitable: KCS/ KWA MP9, TP9 Series GBB
- Material: Alumiinum
- CNC Machined
- Weight: 10.00g

This enhanced loading nozzle chassis MUST be installed into our Enhanced Carrier (item No.4146) with Enhanced Buffer (item No.4144) for MP9 (KSC-System 7) with Green colour piston on chassis (i.e. Asia version).  For MP9 (KSC-System 7) with Orange colour piston on chassis (i.e. Standard Japan verion), our aluminium Loading Nozzle is required to be installed together with this Enhanced Loading Nozzle Chassis.  This loading nozzle chassis is made for professional shooter and completion needs because it: 
1) does not fit the original MP9 (KSC-System 7) bolt carrier;

2) increases blow-back speed;

3) increases gas-tightness with loading nozzle;

4) ensuring loading nozzle inline with the hop-up.



  • Model: WII-PT-4145-AG
  • Manufactured by: Wii

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 17 May, 2023.

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