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--Out of Stock--HOT POWER 7.4v 2500mah (20C) Lithium Power Battery Pack


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-Capacity: 2500mah
-Voltage: 7.4v
-Continuous Discharge Rate: 20C
-Size: 100mm X 35mm X 18mm

The following is recommended:
* Only use chargers designed specifically for Lithium Polymer batteries.
* Double check the chargers number of cells selection setting if present, and mAh rating
* Only charge the batteries on a non-flammable non-conducting surface, such as bare cement floor.
* Do not charge the battery inside the model , inside of ones car, home furniture or wood floor/carpet, or anywhere near flammable material.
* Monitor the charging of the battery pack at all times.
Most important: NEVER LEAVE A BATTERY ON CHARGE UNATTENDED OVERNIGHT. Serious fires have resulted from this practice.
*Consider Placing a fire alarm above the Li-Poly battery charging location.
* After a crash, inspect the battery pack for damage. Discard the pack outdoors if there is any sign of damage.
* Store the pack fully charged in a cool and dry location and out of reach of children.
* Do not assemble packs in series into parallel packs, as mismatch could result in fire.
* Do not carry or leave Lithium Polymer/Ion with model fuels such as Petrol/Gas or Nitro
* Do not store Lithium Polymer batteries inside a car.
* Do not short the battery as it may catch fire. If you accidentally short a battery, place it in an open space and observe the battery for 10 minutes. It may swell up and possibly even catch fire.
* Do not discharge Lithium Polymer battery below voltage according to the number of cells in series.
These batteries cannot be handled and charged casually such as has been the practice for years with other types of batteries. The consequence of this practice can be very serious and result in major property damage and/ or personal harm.



  • Model: HP-BA-7.4-2500-LI-AG
  • Manufactured by: HOT POWER

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 23 February, 2010.

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