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Tokyo Marui M1911 MEU


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- ABS Construction.
- Length: 218 mm
- Barrel Length: 128 mm
- Magazine Capacity: 26+1 Rounds
- Gas: 134a
- Package Includes: ( Gun, Magazine, Manual, BBs )

Additional Comments:
Long Waiting Expecting M.E.U. from Marui
All pistol manufacturers want to release M.E.U. as their item symbol , as WA , KSC and J-armory have them M.E.U.. Marui also want to show off her first M.E.U. now .
Marui M.E.U. is very nice and beauty pistol , sharpness licensed trademarks has been totally embrossed on the slide .
Dark Grey Matting Color which nearly match the real steel feeling .
Strong Recoil and Hi-Knicking Reaction are performed !!!
All M1911 players / fans must attend this Marui M.E.U. too !!!


  • Model: TM-GP-MEU-AG
  • Manufactured by: Tokyo Marui

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 11 August, 2008.

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