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New Products For September - AEG Parts

Armyforce Version 2 Upgrade Gear Box ( Rear Wiring, 100:300 )
- Reinfored GearBox Case - Reinfored Gears Set  - 8mm Bearings  - POM gear Sector Clip  - Rear Wiring Switches Set w/ Silver Cords  - POM Hard Piston w/ Metal Teeth  - Metal Piston Head w/ Bearings  - Metal Nozzle For M4/ M16  - Durable Tappet Plate  - Metal Anti-Reversal Latch  - Spring Guide w/ Bearings  - M110 Spring  - The above item which is made in China. We do not guarantee the quality of the outer surface of the product. The quality of finishing is imperfect and may have slight...
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Monthly Specials For September

Prometheus 6.05 ASH Barrel For MP5 PDW ( 141mm ) *

US$33.00  US$25.00
Save: 24% off

Prometheus 6.03 EG Barrel For AK47/ AK47S ( 455mm )

US$65.00  US$56.00
Save: 14% off