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SOCOM Gear Daniel Defense M4 Omega

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SOCOM GEAR puts to use the classic Version 2 gearbox in their M4, making these weapons as modifiable as any other but enjoys a pre-built quality and performance status giving you a great weapon out of the box. Clocking in at 400 FPS, featuring a 7 inch Daniel Defense Omega-X rail system, licensed Noveske flashider and caked in licensed realistic markings, this M4 is a full service skirmish carbine right out of the box.

- Full Metal Construction
- Length: 725mm / 810mm
- Magazine: 90 Rounds
- Gear Box: Version 2
- Hop Up: Adjustable
- Power: 400 FPS
- Battery: Crane Stock Type (Not Included)
- Package Includes: ( AEG, Magazine, Manual )


  • Model: SOG-AEG-OMEGA7-AG
  • Manufactured by: SOCOMGEAR

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 29 April, 2010.

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