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--Out of Stock--SOCOM Gear x Echo 1 Timberwolf Licensed by Lone Wolf


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** Licensed by Lone Wolf

- Built Material: Metal Slide Construction

- Magazine Capacity: 24 + 1 Rounds
- Length: 210mm 
- Muzzle Velocity: 260-280FPS ( with Topgas & 0.2g BBs )
- System: Gas Blow Back with Adjustable Hop Up System
- Package Include: Gun, Magazine, Magazine Base, Grip Pad
- Weight: 780.00g

- Preliminary tests have confirmed that this model is cross compatible with Marui Parts, Magazines, Nozzles and Even Slides. Visually, the internal mechanism is almost identical to that of Tokyo Marui G17 GBB.  

  • Model: SOG-GP-GBB-TW-AG
  • Manufactured by: SOCOMGEAR

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 31 January, 2012.

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