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SOCOM Gear KelTec PMR30 (CO2 Blow Back Version)


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Polymer construction .
- Length: 200 mm
- Barrel Length: / mm
- Magazine Capacity: 15 Rounds (6mm BBs)
- Gas: CO2
- Package Includes: ( Gun, Magazine, Manual, BBs )
- Weight: 500.00g


- 15 rds single stack stick magazine.
- Full Polymer construction, that means you can bring it on the field as a back up weapon.
- 5 inch Long inner barrel, shooting targets at 20-30m feet is not hard at all.
- Takes one 12g CO2 capsules.
- Two Color fiber optic front and rear sights.
- Ambidextrous safety switch.
- Integrated picatinny rail for attaching laser and tactical accessories.
- Disassembles for cleaning by removing one single pin.

  • Model: SOC-GP-KTPMR30-AG
  • Manufactured by: SOCOMGEAR

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 23 March, 2012.

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