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G&G MGCR 556 10 inch M-Lok Handguard GBB

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- Material: Metal, Polymer
- System: Gas Blowback
- Gas: Top Gas/ Green Gas
- Hop-Up: Adjustable
- Firing Mode: Safe/ Semi-Auto/ Full-Auto
- Length: 770mm-870mm
- Magazine Capacity: 30+1 Rounds ( 6mm BBs )
- Weight: 3130.00g
- G&G's First GBB Airsoft Rifle Series
- New Innovative GBB System Design Featuring Groundbreaking Features
- Aluminum Construction Billet-Style Upper and Lower Receivers
- Aluminum M-Lok Handguard
- Windage and Elevation Adjustable Front and Rear Flip-Up Iron Sights
- High Precision CNC Barrel Group Assembly with 6.04mm Brass Inner Barrel with O-ring Stabilizer
- Double Teflon O-ring Nozzle Assembly
- Full-Steel CNC Constructed Modular Trigger and Fire Control Group
- Light-Weight CNC Aluminum Bolt Carrier Group
- Functional Forward Assist Button
- Steel Constructed Buffer
- CNC Aluminum Buffer Tube with Reinforced Castle Nut Assembly
- Lightweight High Performance 30 Round Gas Magazine
- Mock Gas Piston that Actuates when Firing
- 45 Degree Selector
- Enlarged Magazine and Bolt Release
- Ambidextrous Charging Handle, Magazine Release, and Selector
- QD Sling Mount on the End Plate
- G&G's AR/ M4 GOS-V8-Stock
- Textured Vertical Pistol Grip
Whenever we test any guns, scratch can't be avoided.
Therefore, we are hoping that you may consider carefully before you purchase it!
But we can guarantee that all items are brand new.

  • Model: GG-GAR-MCR-010-BBB-ECM-AG
  • Manufactured by: G & G

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 24 April, 2024.

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