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--Out of Stock--Pro Win GI 30 Style 51 Rounds Magazine For WA-Compatible GBB M4 Series (Gen 2)


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- Gen 2 Model
- Utilizes same body
- Modified geometries of Bolt Stop Lever, Valve Lock, Magazine Lip for better compatibility with different GBB M4s
- Wider Magazine Spring access opening, allows easier resolving jamming BBs

- Extruded and CNC Machined One-Piece Aluminum Body / Gas Tank
- Automatically resets fire pin position
- Removable Base Plate to fit MAGPUL Ranger Plate / L-Plate ( Real Steel Version )
- Higher Charging Valve position, less visible when magazine is inserted into magwell
- Suitable for WA-Compatible GBB M4 Series
- Weight: 475.00g

- Some models may need a harder Hammer Spring to achieve stable performance.
- Inokatsu M4 / M16 GBB Rifle Series will require optional Gas Route Bucking Set from Pro-Win and minor modification to Lower Receiver to operate properly.
- When used with Early Productions of G&P WOC Series ( which may have wobble Receiver ) may cause damage to the Magazine AND / OR Bolt Carrier Assembly due to tolerance issue.
- Gen 2: The round part of Valve Lock is designed to be fixed and DOES NOT ROTATE, DO NOT modify as may cause future problems.



  • Model: PGC-MAG-WAM4-AG
  • Manufactured by: Pro-Win

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 21 September, 2010.

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